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Our Paradigm-Shifting Potential:

Prevent Multiple Side Effects, Enhance Quality of Life, Improve Patient Outcomes

Because we harness a universal mechanism common to all healthy, normal cells – p53’s cell cycle regulation – we have the opportunity to protect multiple cells throughout the body from chemotherapy.

A single medicine to protect multiple cell types and prevent multiple side effects would introduce a paradigm shift in cancer patient care.

We believe limiting or preventing side effects will enable patients to avoid serious and life-threating medical events and have a better quality of life while undergoing chemotherapy. In addition, fewer dose delays and dose reductions may also help patients fight cancer more effectively and enhance outcomes.

Our Vision: Chemoprotection for all patients with p53-mutated cancer

people in the U.S. are diagnosed each year with p53-mutant cancer
The most common cancer mutation
of all cancer patients have p53-mutated cancer

The p53 mutation is prevalent across most major cancer types, giving us the potential to bring selective chemoprotection to millions of patients.

1M people in the U.S. are diagnosed each year with p53-mutant cancer
Other Cancers
NSCLC = Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer; SCLC = Small Cell Lung Cancer