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Transforming the Experience of Chemotherapy for Cancer Patients

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Cancer Patients
Deserve Chemoprotection

It’s time to stop accepting
chemotherapy-induced side effects

and start protecting
against them.

Preventing side effects can save lives. Preventing side effects can enable patients to have a better quality of life. Preventing side effects can help patients fight cancer more effectively.

Learn more about our chemoprotection focus, mission and vision.

Chemotherapy-Induced Side Effects Cause More Than Discomfort

They impact quality of life, can be life-threatening, and can limit chemotherapy’s effectiveness.

Most cancer patients receive chemotherapy at some point. And nearly all patients on chemotherapy experience side effects. They occur because chemotherapy destroys both cancer cells (a good thing!), and normal, healthy cells throughout the body (a bad thing!).

Learn more about the causes and impact of chemotherapeutic side effects.

From Resignation to Prevention: A Much-Needed Paradigm Shift

For most chemotherapy-induced side effects, there are no preventative therapies. These side effects have long been considered a ‘necessary evil’ of undergoing chemotherapy. Certain therapies that are available to treat these side effects after they occur are associated with their own challenges and toxicities. We want to shift the paradigm from acceptance and resignation to prevention.

The First Precision Medicine for Chemoprotection


We use a biomarker-driven approach to protect against chemotherapy-induced side effects.

ALRN-6924 is a novel medicine designed to selectively protect healthy cells in patients with cancers that harbor p53 mutations to reduce or eliminate chemotherapy-induced side effects without interrupting chemotherapy’s destruction of cancer cells.

Learn more about p53-mutated cancer and how ALRN-6924 works.

Our Far-Reaching Potential in Cancer Care

From preventing multiple side effects to improving patient outcomes, we could change the paradigm.

A single medicine that could protect multiple cell types and prevent multiple side effects would change the landscape of cancer care. The resulting potential benefits are broad – from improving quality of life to saving more lives.

Learn about the potential benefits of our novel approach.

Committed to Our Mission and Vision

We’re a team of passionate scientists, physicians and industry professionals committed to making a difference in patients’ lives.


To develop a targeted drug that prevents chemotherapy-induced side effects to help patients fight cancer more effectively with a better quality of life.

Our Vision:

To bring chemoprotection to all patients with p53-mutated cancer regardless of the type of cancer or chemotherapy.

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